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Vampires explained Jasmyn Sharif-Cowan


                 David's Vampire Journal 

the immortality, long finger nails painted faces genies swords statues &  ashes were the portrait of death. There were even the most famous killing pools of blood the world had ever seen, beautiful immortal skin, monsters golden pentacles, the story of Dracula, Queen of Blood inspiration ran through my viens. A raise in body count chapters and verses the kiss of death Golden goblets pages and pages of dark hunting nights nights filled my future.  of the hunting, seeking immortality the tigers eye amethyst worked as protective stones. The most famous kiss of death.  the kiss of death short stories, long nights of writing, the cults the love making kiss after kiss after kiss. the moon the long black hair candles black coffins time to write raise in body count murders the fun the nights of immortality all told of a dramatic transformation from human to vampire. The sun the hiding place chapters and verses of well written vampire stories told of the history of my children the most famous chosen ones of all time Bill KOC Shayna Mina and Mrs Maddox transforming into vampires. the masters the the black coffins of magic the leopards the strength commanding the angels the seeker stone the protection 

                      David's Vampire Short story
                               The Kiss of Death
Well I don't know about the people in the tavern but the night was lit by a bonfire on the beach. A beautiful woman playing the violin was to be the most famous victim of all. her new friend. little did she know her new friend with red hair a tall and slender body was a vampire. 
   when she stopped playing the violin Mina led her friend down the beach to a tower but before they arrived Mina the red haired beauty bit into Shayna's neck. Shayna let go of the violin and let it drop to her side as Mina kissed her friend so hard the blood was starting to draw forth. Mina was going to make Shayna the Empress of her tall fortress on the beach but first she had to meet KOC. Koc had long silver hair tall cheek bones and wore a red cape. He loved Shayna the moment he saw her and knew she had won immortality from Mina his Queen. 
    They explained to Shayna she would have to have blood to survive but just as other day modern vampires she could go out into the sunlight if she wished. thus became the beginning of immortality for Shayna after Mina gave her the Kiss of Death. 
   So I know exactly what to tell you and when to tell you. David was psychic so he knew exactly who was made a vampire and when they were made vampire. His tarot journal definitely told the future of MINA and Shayna's immortality. Raise the body count of vampires was definitely on KOC's list of things to day. Although the dead were rarely found there were clips in the news paper of unusual  deaths.
The mansion a great castle on the beach had a man walking up the steps with a briefcase in his hand show a visitor arriving late in the night. Zacky wore an  off the shoulder dress purple cape short bobbed hair and little creature in her hand show she is glad her guest has arrived safely 
    well i don't know abouty you but the mansion has been awaiting his arrival.  Zacky the woman has been trying to get a hold of him but no one answered. he has finally arrived and Zacky is ready to make him welcome. in the back ground three vampire brides stand in cloaks with a wedding gown. Matt not yet a vampire was surprised to see the vampire brides. 
    outside there was a large balloon whirling it's way in to save Matt from the vampire brides.hearts were broken and the fight began almost immediately. Mina KOC SHayna and the vampire brides most definitely won with a death toll of seven but the conflict was reolved with these intruders deaths. 
Monuments stone carvings coffins and rods made their way into the layer of Mina as she fell asleep in her exquisitely carved coffin.  Shayna holding a large wand was ready for fun she didn't want to sleep yet although mina suggested she get some rest. KOC Mina's bride groom entered into the room ready to undress Shayna for her nights rest. he kissed her and drank some of her blood. Shayna responded with lust and desire. He fumbled for her zipper. His hands making their way up her skirt and into her vagina. She bit him on his neck and blood spilled forth where she bit him. He gave her his approval and after she came to full orgasm he was ready to take Mina as well.  KOC gently bent down over Mina's coffin and lifted her skirt pulsating his fingers over her rich panties. when he was finished he brought her a Golden goblet of rich blood from the intruders. She liked the way he treated Shayna and hoped for hours and hours of pure ecstasy KOC had learned to give them. 

Moon gazer

“Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars we love the Golden Cups of Michael the diomands the rubies the gold the pearls and the time. We realized everyone would want to make an ascension into the heavens but increase the love with the Golden goblet as well but they have to have the formulas of faith just right. We are going to try take as many rides through the heavens as we can but we want to make sure the ascension formulas are just right again and again. Well hay moon gazers and shooting stars if you want to take a ride through the heavens with diomands rubies gold pearls and time just hop-pity hop jump-pity jump over and under the garden above and below the trees you go and straight into the heavens your faith will flow”

All things about a Vampire

   Well everything you needed to know about vampires could be told by David. He wrote books about vampires and won many awards doing so. At first i thought i wasn't good enough for the tale but it seems i posess the power to tell you. David Shayna bill Mina and KOC were on a train to see the queen of england.
    they don't know how they did it but they had made it big. they wrote and wrote and re wrote. just as they were taught. When they were made into vampires the rooms were totally rich and powerful. Well Shayna had to write her stories with David but she was a vampire now. No worries David would think of Something. he would magically turn these pages into ten thousand pages. every day he would help her write her magical stories for the world to see.
Shayna stood in a position to hang a golden pentacle above a niche as the bright red haired Mina explained the tarot cards to her. it was working she exclaimed for order and managment. We have to work harder.
Well I don't know about you but Bill Shayna And Mina are about to discover a wall of skeleton heads. They have been writing all summer at writing camp but they realized they needed more inspiration. So they flew to Bill and Mina's uncle David's house for the rest of the summer.  Their feet were in the sand they turned left and a wall of skeleton heads appeared. When they walked up to the gate of skeleton heads and opened it an amazing rich luxurious mansion magically appeared beckoning them to come inside.  "Come on Bill Gabriel Cohen I could write for hours in here." Says Shayna 
   "Yeah come on" Says Mina "don't lag behind. It's scary by the wall of skeleton heads."
    "I don't know"Says Bill "I'll be right there I'm waiting for your boyfriend KoC Mina. He said he'd be right here."
When KOC showed up the girls were already nestled into a every large library chair with amazing gold cushions. KOC showed Bill and the girls a new writing exercise everyone got excited about. He said everyone had to write down as many things as they could remember. 
    Shayna said Mina's was the best. 

                     Mina's Tarot Journal

Well i don't know about you but Magical wands, Golden cusps,  Golden swords, Golden pentacles and major events in our lives shape the way we write. A woman stands behind red velvet curtains peering into a very cold and black night. But in the crystal ball the image is more pleasant there is a woman standing next to a golden gate of pentacles holding a hawk. She raises her arms an bottles of liquor magically appear. She invitees everyone to a cup of beer.

As Mina Sah Rah Cohen flipped through her pages of semantic mapping she wondered if she'd have the criteria fulfilled to complete her novel on deadline. 

    "Do you think I'll have the right house of magic bunnies to complete my novel tuggles"Mina says to KOC 

   "I don't know "says KOC "you have me. I can help."
    "You always do."says Mina
    "I know we can use the seekers stone to help us find what we are looking for. "Says Shayna 
   "I heard we could find immortality with it"says Bill 
   "Shayna flip through the mushroom deck and write down what you see. "Says Mina
    " well a beautiful gipsy woman is flying through the air." Says Shayna
    "I would kill to fly through the air like she is."says Bill
    "I would kill to have our novels written" says Shayna
    "Me too" say Mina and KOC
"We had better get back to uncle David's!"says BILL 
     "Yeah" Says KOC "we don't want it to get late." 
   As the kids made their way through the beautiful Garden Koc gave Mina kisses on her Cheeks. the garden was rich and wonderful with roses lining the sides of the path. Beautiful yellow roses also wound there way through the skeleton heads. They reached the wall of skeleton heads in good spirits but they watched the time. They didn't want to be late for Uncle Davids dinner time. His Mansion was as luxurious as the magical mansion appearing after their left turn on the beach but it wasn't theirs.
come to find out later uncle David owned the whole beach so they could go there any time they wanted. Time was Flying by and the kids dressed appropriately.
    They each wore a cloak of blue velvet with white bows to hold it close. Now that fall was near the cool nights were a welcome opposed to the dense summer heat. They made their way passed the skeleton head wall nearly every day for two weeks kissing their books as they passed. 
    Shayna, Mina Bill and KOC each had five books ready for publishing.  They were going to be the favorite authors of all time. They new they had succeeded. Now all they had to do was type them and turn them in. Key stroke after key stroke each of them began typing until late in the night when hey heard a loud rustling near the front of the mansion. Shayna nearly screamed as David walked into the library with a basket of food.
   "I brought you dinner kids"says uncle David
    "Oh yes food for the brain."says KOC
     "We've been working up an apatite"says Mina"
      " what did you bring uncle David." Say's Shayna.
    "I could have killed a cow myself uncle David." Says bill as David unwrapped a huge dinner basket
"Here we have four types of cheese some grapes crackers roast beef potatoes carrots and a little bit of wine to help you celebrate." Says David "you youngsters are about to be world famous. I'm going to put in a word to my publisher. I'm going to tell him to take extra special care with your books."
"Oh thank you uncle David. Mom and dad would have wanted it that way."

Bill and Mina were orphans. Shayna Augustine Guinn was an orphan. Even KOC Shayna's cousin was an orphan. There parents died in the war but Bill and Mina's parents were murdered on the most expensive street in the world.  They were murdered over $100 mill. 
    They new their parents were rich but what they didn't know is that their greedy uncles would steal it from them. So they teamed up to write as many best sellers as they could after winning nationals for Mr Wynn. The books just had to be ready on deadline they just had to be.
    After supper time everyone went to the roof. There were telescopes on the roof for stargazing and each of the band kissed there books as they climbed out onto the ledge. The beautiful mansion stood at least seven stories high. When you walked   in from the skeleton head gate, the main entrance rose high three stories with with spsirala curling spiral staircase on each side. Oh how rich everything looked. Rich and beutiful. 
  Once Bill Shayna Koc Mina and David returned to the library began writing down everything he saw.

                         KOC's journal

 Well I don't know about you but here is everything incan see.leaning to one side is a man studying a plant through a sunlit window. . Pen in hand paper in the other hand he recognizes pentacles used ass the arbor. Another man stands in front of a fire as if he were the king. 

"tonight we are going to have guests." Says uncle David Cohen "I hope to introduce you to some very important people. they will be here to talk about your books."

"All right uncle David" Says Shayna Guinn
"All right uncle David." Says Mina Cohen "I'm sure we'll have a lovely evening."
    Well hay as the evening moves on the guests arrive to talk to the kids about their books. David introduced Matt Cohen, Anastasia Maddox and Sahar J'neadi some of the richest men and women in the world but he said they would be working with Mrs Maddox the most. the children didn't know what to think or say but they knew they'd be successful. Each of the publishing crew loved the books bill KOC Shayna and Mina had written. although they were ready to print everyone wanted more but they had to be sure they were going to be number one. 
   The next day everyone went to the Mansion behind the Skeleton wall in good spirits. they were ready to work! they had to keep going they would write about fearies, angels and battles. They would write about Death and resurrections mechanical golden hands reaching forth to receive their coins. The stories would be endless and they would bring faith as if they were a CULT of writers.  Each word prase and chapter would be magical when they presented them to Mrs Maddox. 
    Mrs Maddox was already well excited and joyous about the generosity David was showing the kids she decided to stay behind after Matt and Sahara left. She Wondered through the Wall of Skeleton heads just as David instructed her but as she entered she saw a golden unicorn just inside the magical wall of skeleton heads. 
    "Fascinating. " Mrs Maddox thought aloud "Didn't think those existed anymore."
    "Mrs Maddox I can see you can see what i Am seeing. "Says KOC 
    "Yes KOC clearly there is a white unicorn with magical power." Says Mrs Maddox "Look there she has a colt."
    KOC dials Mina's number and says "Mina you have to meet Mrs Maddox and my self at the Wall of skeleton heads. there are two unicorns here. Tell the others to come with you."
Kissing her books and setting them on the table Meena tells the others to come with her. once they put the books down and return to the wall of Skeleton heads there were four or five beautiful white unicorns with yellow and white light glowing from there horns. 
   "oh how beautiful "Says Shayna
   " They are quite the sight" Says Mrs Maddox " aren't they Kids. David will be here soon he is going to love this." She says again 
"yes My uncle will have his camera he can take pictures." says Bill Cohen
    "I have my camera."Says Shayna 
    "Me too. I have my camera."Says Mina
    "So Do I silly me we should all take pictures." Says KOC 
    "Mina how is the Golden Tuggle coming along? David said you may want me to help you with it. he says the names of the characters are Muggles Tuggles and Bubbles? I Love it.." Says Mrs Maddox 
    "Well Mrs Maddox I'm only on page four but with semantic mapping Shayna's help and Cohens instructions i feel we can raise body count from 20 pages today to three hundred pages." says Mina
    "I really love Shayna's idea about adding Guinn Magic to The Golden Tuggle so we read as many magic books as we could find! We even studied the first lectures of metaphysics."
     "We are so excited you are here Mrs Maddox. We needed a tutor for the metaphysics lessons and we weren't sure if Mina and Shayna could raise body count pages to our Golden Tuggle Book or not." 
    Well hay the kids waited outside the magical skeleton wall for a David. although he arrived with his camera the kids had already taken pictures of the unicorns.  They couldn't believe there were so many. 
   "Hay kids you can depend on Mrs Maddox from now on.  She is going to stay with you until the books have been edited and published." says David while taking pictures of the unicorns. They were such a pretty sight to see everyone had to have pictures.
    When the pictures were finished being taken everyone went back into the mansions library.  A beautiful woman appeared in the crystal ball holding a reaper tool while in the back ground the cemetery stood tall and clean. there were flowers on the tombstones and a man knelt down to pray.  the cards laid on the table weren't bad but they were nothing to pay attention to. 
    The kids viewed there semantic mapping and each one of them begin to journal. They had hours of journalism ahead of them but they knew they had to have as many pages completed as they could have. Soft Russian music played on KOC's nook and a blazing fire burned in the fire place Mina wore short balloon trousers of red and black with a tight lime green jacket. her hair was long hung low under a french Berra and she carried a staff with a silver horse head.  So Shayna too looked magical today she wore a beautiful red cape with white satin dress and tachyons glowed from her left hand. Mrs Maddox wore a similar jacket to Mina's but it was long with a matching skirt. KOC Bill and David each looked the same. They wore brown suits with white collard shirts. 
    As they teamed up looking extraordinary to one another Mrs Maddox asked Mina how the GolDen Tuggle was coming along.  Although Mina answered her with clear dissatisfaction Maddox had faith in them. She had faith in their little Cult of Writers. i guess publicly refereed to as POP CULT. who knows. I guess only masters of the Hebrew language could give a good answer. I only know it has to do with Faith.
    "Mrs Maddox i don't know why Gabriel isn't raising body count pages quicker. I've been here for hours and only a few pages will raise to success. oh Mrs Maddox i don't know what I'm talking about. i was just trying to get The Golden Tuggles in on deadline Matt said we have to have three hundred pages by Monday but Gabriel isnt' going any faster even after my second invocation to the arch angels."
"Try the Blackstar Tarot after your break. see if you can get any faster maps from Mrs A'more.." says Mrs Maddox
    "Look alright Mrs Maddox. I love your hair today by the way. you look wonderful."
    "Thank you Meena." Says Mrs Maddox
    "Yes Mrs Maddox you look lovely.." Say Bill KOC and Shayna together
     "Especially lovely today Mrs Maddox."Says David ."All of the kids agree."
     "Oh uncle everyone looks so splendid today."  says Meena 
     Well i don't know about you but it sounded like Meena was having trouble on The Golden Tuggle. So the next day Mrs Maddox brought in a basket of little bunny rabbits everybody held them up and admired how cute they were. She said everyone passed their house of novel writining. Everyone he\ad tro pass they just had to. Meena realized with all of their previous books written the Golden Tuggle should be easy. it had to be easy it just had to be. Words had to flow at more than forty five words per minute. they just had to. if The Golden Tuggle was going to be a success every one had to love her. they just had to. 
    Meena and Shayna tried the BlackStar Tarot for semantic mapping once again after an invocation to the angels. They commanded the angels to raise body count words per minute and pages by day but to no avail it seemed even madonna couldn't rasie body count words per minute to save her life.
    "No worries." says KOC as he strutts in with a basketful of munchies ."We'll have everything ready on time. the inspiration is flowing our pens are glowing and we have the magic for success!"
    "Allright KOC." exclaimed Bill "Heads up we have a deadline."
    "Yeah KOC."Says SHayna We have to have a thousand pages by next friday!."
    "Yeah but we cant do it on an empty stomach." Take a look at what i brought." says KOC 
    well in the bag there were munchies of all kinds ceral , ceral bars, donuts, cookies, milk, candy apples oranges and bananas. KOC's mere presentation sent the kids in a whirl. everyone gathered around for a snack with Mrs Maddox and David. After the munchies they set off to work. 
                            Bill's Tarot Journal
the tuggle the muggles the smuggles the bubble the sunshine the wedding dress Shayna the aim the pitch a thousand words give me the inspiration we need to succeed give me an award winning compilation of chapters and verses Shayna the aim the pitch good arms Mina good arms Shayna Guinna Wynn Winston Wynn Cohen Cowan Quinn the ocean waves are wonderful the shore is amazing and the sail boat glides across the ocean waves with ease. tidal waves thunderstorms lightening the wall of skeletoins the bouncy girls the excited Mrs Maddox our perfect uncle David the past present future the Celtic cross the daily spread mind body and soul.
oh my god i have to win shayna cowan cowan cowan guinn shayna i have to win. tuggles over and under above and below give me tuggles with cash five hundred in a row unicorns in the trees the wall of skeleton heads time to write assignment write about the adventures in the holly berry trees Shayna the aim the pitch great holly berry story good times perfect match perfect Shayna the aim the pitch give us a billion dollar life!

well hay i don't know about you but Bill, Mina KOC Shayna Mrs Maddox and David wrote down everything they could remember just like KOC said.  Although they were ready to complete their tasks at hand they wanted to be sure everything was perfect. They gathered as many mushroom cards as they could to begin. as they sat down a magical pixie entered the room telling them of a great adventure ahead of them. They were going to be leaving uncle davids private beach. Each of them would be given a pixie to help them along the way.
everybody should take their journals and a change of clothes. Sahar and Matt would joing them on them soon after dinner time. There was going to be a great event held by the queen in honor of Shayna, Meena, Bill, and KOC. their next assignment would be to Introduce The Golden Tuggle world wide

Shayna Says "Mina give me your journal i want to read it. Meena fumbles for her journal and hands it to shayna. "Thank you." says Shayna

                   Mina's Tarot Journal 
in the mountains women were fighting organizing their best regards. there were mechanical rods and a woman stood on a great golden box ready for battle. A magnificent angel appeared with her hands raised to the sky but a huge Golden light was worn as her halo. Two lovers walked hand in hand dressed for the eveing party. the man wore a black suit with brown trousers and the women wore a beautiful black dress with a striped corsette and sheer sleeves. on the right were yellow roses andon the left was a beutiful lantern to light up the way.  
    As cards on the table are spread out a woman riding a bicycle comes into motion with not nearly enough to survive through the winter although the priest appears on the next card the body count of Golden Tuggle pages has to rise from sixteen to three hundred in less than three days. The gift of love is apparent with a golden fountain spilling water from its spicket of snake heads and the Sunshine is surely to bring joy and happiness to the Six Pop Cult writers. 
                      Mina's Tarot Journal cont.
assignment write down as many things as you can remember 
Angels angels guarding trupmets and radios angels gjudging the message of famous tarot authors men and women meeting forthe first time raise in body count messages pages perfect tone perfect audience perfect Matt KOC David Sahar Mrs Maddox Anastasia Bill and Shayna Facebook, twitter tumbler, messages a perfect story entertaining from front to back, news for every one the world series our feet are in the sand we turn left we turn right we write an essay about as many things as we can remember we place our feet in the sand turn left write as many things as we can remember. we open the door to a magical mansion and walk inside and find a white box after we open the white box we place our fears into the box

    After Shayna two pages of Mina's journal she handed it back to her and says thank you. When everyone was situated in the library David announced the pixie was right they were going to have a long journey ahead of them. The Queen was arriving from england. They expected every one to be in new york by the end of the week. nine train tickets had been left at the main Mansion. 

    "I still can't believe you own the entire beach and all the mansions on it uncle david."Says Bill 
    Laughing David says "You'll be as rich as i am soon. these Compilations of chapters and verses are quite extrodinary."
    "I'm so glad you love them Uncle David, thank you for coming with us Mrs Maddox."
    "Well it's time we head back to the main mansion kids. we have to prepare for the long journey.'
    KOC Jumps up and and gently slaps Mina with his hat grabs her and gives her a hugg and kiss. 
    "You did it Mina you gave us a thousand pages a week for four weeks. you are going to be famous! Really really famous.  we are going to be the chosen ones for years to come."  

Well hay I don't know about you but the kids passed the skeleton wall which would be missed for several months and headed back to the main Mansion with lights of red and blue magically glowing from each hand they tapped there heals together and magically dissappeared. Reappearing at the main mansion they were ready to get ready for there journey. 
    Matt and Sahara met David and Mrs Maddox
at the front door while the kids were upstairs getting there things ready. 
    "Well hello David ."Says Matt
    "Hi David it's my pleasure to see you again." Says Sahar
    "Hello Mrs Maddox hopw are you this evening?" Says Matt Cohen to Anstasia 
    "Oh it has been a magical few days Matt. Just magical Sahara you should have been here. pixies appeared from no where. they said each of us are assigned a pixie for the travel to the queen's festival. "
"You don't think the Golden Tuggle will be a burden on Mina and the other children do you? "
    "I don't know Matt."Says David
    "They really know what they are doing."Says David "You look very handsome Matt. Sahara you look wonderful as well." David \says again
    "Oh David I'm so excited about working with you. At first I thought the kids reallly had some shoes to fill but i can see you have taught them everything you know. They are just terrific"
   "Oh thank you Says David. thank you very much."
well the kids had there bags packed. they packed their crystal balls there tarot journals and some changes of clothes. They packed everything they could remember and they couldn't wait for there journey to begin.
   "Hello uncle Davie, Mrs Maddox , Sahara and MAtt. Everyone looks so wonderful tonight." Says Shayna
   "Hello Shayna." says mrs MAddox Sahara David and Matt "Hello Mina. Hello Bill Hello KOC. how is everyone doing tonight."
    "Well it is a bit overwhelming meeting you all at once but i guess the butterflies will soon leave. Says Mina 
    "Yes that is common."Says MAtt " When there is a large group like there is tonight."
    "Hay guys you look splendid."Says KOC 
    "ABsolutely splendid."Says BILL as he huggs mrs maddox and turne\s to hugg Sahara
    "Has everyone packed there journals quills and other things for the journey?" asks David " you have to be number one you know you have to write the award winning journals of the century." David adds again.
   "Well that shouldn't be hard with your help ?Uncle David." Says Shayna
    The atmosphere was totally perfect and everyone glowed in yellow white golden liquid light. The kids had scarcely greeted everyone when uncle David announce it was time to drive to the train station. He hurried everyone to the garage and two drivers were instructed to take them to the train station. They were all very richly dressed and entered the luxury car with poise and grace.
   The arrival to the train station came with great excitement and Perfection. The girls were radiant although very white as snow. The Boys were so handsome elegant and rich. The publishers with david never looked better.  David commanded the crew forward. so they made their way through an assortment of Magical beings. 
    "Mostly wizards of the richest men in the united states."
    "Wizards."exclaimed Mina "I have never heard of such a thing. Mina said again
    "Oh yes Mina just as the unicorns are real. I have opened a door to you and bill more magical than a white rabbits foot for luck." Says David 
    "Wizards Says Shayna 
    "Yes wizards and witches." Says Matt 
    "Most of them are the richest men and women in the world but they are never snobbish like one would think. "Says Maddox 
    the kids had come to call anastasia by her last name and when they dropped the mrs she giggled at their calling her Maddox.   Maddox was such a good name although it didn't seem to accoplish a raise in body count as she had hopoed for the kids. She still wondered why the invocation to the angels wasn't working. She pondered waiting for the train to take them to new york.  one the angels were under direct command to do exactly what they were told to do. so if Mina and Shayna invoked the angels body count words per minute and pages a day should have risen quickly just as they said it should have. not only should the body count have risen the quiality of work should have been greatly affected as well.
   "Dearest Mina transport your Journal to me i want to read it." Says Mrs Maddox after a while of deep thought. Mrs Maddox as well as the others spent most of their time with their noses in books. they were such a rich sight to see all holding a novel to their faces. 
   "Al right Mrs Maddox. i still can't see why the invocation to the angels isn't working. normally if we invoke the angels magic happens."
   "yes i was just thinking the same thing. I hope you gained quickness with the semantic mapping i gave you."
   "Allright ladies enough chit chat the train is ready to board." says David
   "Oh uncle David how could we thank you enough. this is amazing "Says Bill as he stepped up after Mina onto the train.
   "Quite Magical uncle David." Says Shayna Following bill. thank you." 
"Thank you Mr Cohen." Says KOC "thank you." Each of the children kissed David and entered the train most graciously. when all of a sudden the Pixies arrived  hustling their way through.
    "I see your new guardians have arrived for the greatest banquet of all time." says Uncle David
    "Pixies."Says Maddox "First unicorns then wizards and witches now pixies."
    "What else do you have up that magical sleeve of yours uncle David ."Says Shayna 
    "Oh you'll see." Says uncle David "you'll see."
    well the first thing was first. as the pixies hustled their way to each of the kids they explained their names. For Mina was a pixie named charlotte. For Shayna  a pixie named Dr Gann. For KOC a pixie named Dr Guinn and for Bill dr Medico. they would prove to be very useful mind readers as well.
    David says " all right help me get this straight you are Charlotte Mina's pixie, you are Dr Gannon Shayna's pixie, you are Dr Guinna KOC's pixie and you are Dr Medico Bill's Pixie.
"Well I'm not a doctor yet but i soon will be says Charlotte. i hope you don't mind. We are here to help you with the Golden Tuggle. I here no one knows what the Golden Tuggle is yet."
    "That's right we are having much of a problem with it and the invocation to the angels isn't working. we commanded Gabriel the arch angel to raise body count from ten pages a day to a hundred pages a day but she isn't helping."
    "Well dear we have to get some rest now but i'm sure we'll find the answers." Says Mrs Maddox quite out of turn but confident.  the pixies bade everyone farewell and disappeared into thin air. Magic seemed to be growing with every minute.
First the unicorns then the witches and wizards now disappearing pixies sent to accompany the children.
    Bill and Shayna were seated next to one another smiling and giggling. as were KOC and Mina. they kissed their books a lot turned to one another with cheerful voices. They talked about the sun the moon the stars. they talked about the past the present and future. they talked about the Golden Tuggle. Talk was endless for a few hours when they fell asleep.  As it was very late in the night. they slept perfectly and undisturbed. Soon after the sun rose the kids woke to their breakfast trays. they were served eggs potatos toast and jam with orange juice. 
    Although it was a very beautiful and rich breakfast they wanted something more. So they ordered chocolates to wrap things up. one more day on the train and they'd be to new york. so they played cards and babbled on about The Queen, their books the publishing and as many subjects they could think of. later in the day they pulled out there journals and began to read each others journals. in Shayna's journal for Mrs Maddox she wrote down everything she could see on her cards.
                           Shayna's Journal
   In the past there was card playing slots the wheel of fortune and gambleing. no one knew what was going to happen and it was the scariest moment of their lives. Women with beautiful dresses offered drinks and a fun spirit as each person searched for theier loved ones. in the future was the king of mankind renewal and guidance. Farther ahead in the future were going to be fortune tellers some help gathering financial means and a gift of financial prosperity. As every one was at the begining of their careers we looked forward to the rewards of writing studying and researching magic

well i don't know about you but Bill really liked the exercise KOC gave him so he wrote down everything he saw as well

                             Bill's journal 

a wheel of fortune surrounded by clouds and holding the time was waiting to tell our fortunes. Sale signs offered beer and drinks to those of age. the woman at the bar poured nine cups but she looked joyous as if there would be a party in front of the shelves of bottled liquor. the emperor sat in front of grey curtains on a chair holding his thumbs together with spectacles on his head. card number four was the most beautiful card.  A beautiful star sat in front of a white stained glass window wearing a black gown with stars speckled through the air. 

Well KOC and Mina did the same thing their journals were so well written Mrs Maddox gave them an A and read through Bill and Mina's journals next

                            Mina's journal 

The lamps the light the telescope the dense fog and the boats in the distance proved to be a very wise investment for the man with the telescope. His investment was sure to be rewarded soon. 
   the back pack golden canisters red coats a pentacle canister brown trousers and tall boots surely identified a soldier ready with a good plan of attack. 
    three swords a magical golden wagon with magical golden wheels two men and a women showed a problem with knowledge and intellect regarding  a particular area of study and the air was a bit disturbing.  one could only hope the matters were resolved in a discreet and professional way. 
    Moving on to the next card hot air balloons long capes tight brown jackets and black leather pants identified a female soldier. She carried two swords and posed as if she were ready to fight but the last card revealed sleeplessness.
    Nine swords magically hovered in the air above a brass bed with a girl holding her hands to her head as if winning had made her a matyr.

    Well KOC's journal was a bit different he was using a different deck of cards but it seemed to turn out well for he told the fortune of the magical pixies sent to help them on their journey

                               KOC's Journal 

The masks made of leaves, the pixie wings, peace and protection, crystal balls, foresight into the future, green heavenly clothing, and legs crossed into a meditative posistion showed the pixie priest ready to answer all questions. For he was all knowing and all powerful. any situation issue or complaint could he resolve with ease using his pixie power. 
   A gift the pentacles the clouds the fruit in the basket the leaves blue flowers acorns oranges apples and bananas showed a gift of financial prosperity for the fall. waterlilies bubbles mermaids arms crossed saddened faces and  backs facing one another showed heart break and discontentment. Waterlilies bubbles mermaids decanters and cups showed a welcome and heart warming party. 

    Well i don't know about you but Mrs Maddox was very excited about the journals. upon the arrival to the new town, David's first care was to deliver the children to the Queen's mansion in new york. Indeed a very pretty career had been given to the children. A very satisfying career indeed. Page after page of carefully crafted chapters were going to be written. Mrs Maddox Sahara Matt and David were each writing in their journals as well. Mrs Maddox went first the David Then MAtt and Laslty Sahara. 
     Mrs Maddox laid her cards on the table and begin to exercise. She wrote encanto after encanto requests to god and just journaled a few things she needed.
               Anastasia Maddox's Journal 

cups wands swords and penctacles clearly showed signes of the riderwaite tarot but not only did the cups wands swords and pentacles appear they showed signs of the Magicican. this was a very good card because it depicted everyone had more power than they thought! 
Well hay Moon gazers and shooting stars we'd love another 1001 nights of parties, dancing, banquets student council and pubs. We have tried to win the King's and Queen's honor and favor by bringing faith but we are never sure if the love of god would us bring faith or not. Mrs Cowan is a millionaire and she would bring us faith with journalism awards, fun holiday activities and a pretty smile. Well hay Moongazers and Shooting Stars if you want to help us study party and bring faith and just Buy our MGM & Flying Meyrtles. 

Encanto an Invitation
Well hay shooting stars we'd love to see you again. we tried calling but we weren't sure if the numbers were right. well hay shooting stars if you want to hang out just

Encanto Honorable Mentions

Well hay Queen of Quinns & Dana we'd love you to be our bringers of faith. We have won many awards and national honors before. We have to win them again but we want to make sure the Hebrew du'ah and Kanoot are 20/20. Well hay Queen of Quinns & Dana.

Well hay Queen of Quinns and Princess Dana we'd love to bow our heads for Jasmyn's 1001 wins and national honors. We tried drinking Zum Zum water on the most expensive street in east jerusalem to win the greatest fullfillment on eart but we are being set back due to energy, financial health, 1 stolen car and two stolen purses. Well hay Queen of Quinns and Princess Dana if you'd love to bow your heads in prayer for another 1001 Wins and national honors just say a little prayer do a little dance and get down tonight. Drink zum zum.

Encanto Sea Horse

Well hay Moon gazers we love little Star fish and teeny Sea Horses. we realized everybody ould love our MGM and Flying Meyrtles but we weren't sure when we would be offered the magic of #1 Self Publishing and $1mill to take care of finances. Well hay Moon Gazers if you want to fall in love with the a Sea Horse log onto Silly @kingsofcowan and the The Sea Horse of the MGM will tell your fortune. 

Aqeeda Gold

Well hay Sea horse and Star Fish we;d love to invite you to the SILLY @kingsofcowan Laughingtown. We tried inviting the richest men in the nation to our mother dearests Halloween party but we weren't sure if they would accept. Well hay Sea Horse and Star Fish

Well hay Sea horse and Star Fish we'd love to win the Greatest fullfillment on earth today. We tried answering the question "if we were to pere at the Stars and make a wish, where would we sleep tonight?" with Zum Zum Water but our answers never Surfaced.  

Encanto Zum Zum
Well hay Moon Gazers we'd love to have another bottle of Magical ZUM Zum Water. We drank the Magical Zum Zum water on our seventh pilgrimage and prayed for our next big Win but we never found our teeny fortune. Well hay MoonGazers if you want to Drink Zum zum water you can find it in Mekkah on your next $1mill Hajj.

Encanto Good bye
Well hay Shooting stars we'd love to say fare well to Axel rose. We listened to his songs before and found them very entertaining. We are just now trying some holy Cow encantos for healings and spiritual guidance and we want to make sure we will live forever young and never aging.

Encanto The Promise
We have never been hit or suffered swelling
and we do not want you to be hit either.
we just returned from the holy land and we are well and want you to be well too. there there a hugg for you. Get well soon Silly.

Encanto Holy Selpuchre
Well hay moongazers we are not dead or threatened by death and we do not want you to be dead or threatened by death either. we are young rich and beautiful and we want you to be young rich and beautiful also. There. We will live forever young and so will you.

We tried hanging with the band but we lost our piano player and our Dance instructors friends were stuck in jail. No worries it was a big misunderstanding. every body is all right now

                         David's Vampire Journal 

the immortality, long finger nails painted faces genies swrords statues ashes. killing pools of water. beautiful immortal skin, monsters golden pentacles, the story of dracula, Queen of Blood inspiration raise in body count chapters and verses the kiss of death Golden godlets pages and pages of dark hunting nights nights of the hunting, seeking immoratality the tigers eye amethyst the kiss of death short stories, long nighhts of writing, the cults the love making kiss after kiss after kiss. the moon the long black hair candles black coffins time to write raise in body count murders the fun the nights of immortality all told of a dramatic transformation from human to vampire. The sun the hiding place chapters and verses of well written vampire stories told of the history of my children Bill KOC SHayna Mina and mrs Maddox transforming into vampires. the masters the the black coffins of magicthe lepards the strength commanding the angels the seekird stone the protection 

                      David's Vampire Short story
                               The Kiss of Death
Well I don't know about the people in the tavern but the night was lit by a bonfire on the beach. A beautiful woman playing the violin was to be the victim of her new friend. little did she know her nbew friend with red hair a tall and slender body was a vampire. 
   when she stopped playing the violin Mina led her friend down the beach to a tower but before they arrived mina the red haired beauty bit into shayna's neck. Shayna let go of the violin and let it drop to her side as Mina kissed her friend so hard the blood was starting to drawforth. Mina was going to make Shayna teh Empress of her tall fortress on the beach but first she had to meet KOC. Koc had long silver hair tall cheek bones and wore a red cape. He loved Shayna the moment he saw her and knew she had won immortality from Mina his Queen. 
    They explained to Shayna she would have to have blood to survive but just as other day modern vampoires she could go out into the sunlight if she wished. thus bcame the begining of immortality for Shayna after Mina gave her the Kiss of Death. 

                           Matts Journal 

The mansion a great castle a man walking up the steps and a briefcase in his hand show a visistor arriving late in the night. The off the shoulder dress puirple cape short bobbed hair and littel creature in her hand show she is glad her guest has arrived safely 
    well i don't know abouty you but the manision has been awaiting his arrival.  Zacky the woman has been trying to get a hold of him but no one answered. he has finally arrived and Zacky is ready to make him welcome
                               Sahara's Entry 

Gold diomands Shayna the aim the pitch red rubies yellow diomands fortunes, mansions spiral stair cases black coffins tombstones, head stones, dresses the mall red lobster shrimp champagne The Golden tuggle honorable mentions time wheat the king of pentacles the queen of swords the queen of cups music cups magic wands feary wings pixies unicorns magical lights glowing hands the wood the ponds glorious light distressthe devil mushrooms bear feet magicl summers perfect grammer shayna the aim the pitch good hands good time raise body count magic stories grammatically perfect, be interesrting have fun and type as fast as you can.

Everybody made an entry into their journals and fell back asleep as the trained pushed forward. Soon they would be in new york and they were sure to have a fantastic time. Although they were just visiting for a few days. 
    When the train finally made its was to new york every body was fascinated with the scenery which was so different from the beaches David owned. I have never been to new york my self so i can't tell you about ity but everyone said they had a great time.
   "you have something on your dress Shayna." Says Bill
   "oh no it looks like bubble gum." says Mina 'Here is some ice that should take it off and some stain remover too. i carry it with me. just in case."
   "your an angel mina. I swear you have wings begining to grow on your back. tuggle tuggle."Says Shayna laughing. 


well in th back ground a hot air balloon swoops in for a landing and all of the kids watch closely. on a shelf at the shop there is a mechanical to hand asking for gold pieces. Mrs Mrs Maddox gives it a gold piece and bright music starts to play. the whole city looks as if they are getting ready for a party.  The pretty girls are hanging laurel wreaths and tinsel. they are wearing dresses similar to Shayna and Mina but they are a bit brighter with yellow and light blue. the shopd and festival look so rich an beautiful.The Gypsi Shayna saw flying through the air was there. 
   "Mina look it's the gypsi i saw in the crystal ball."
   "Oh how exciting KOC look it's the Gipsy  shayna saw." 
    "Give me a thousand words on those Mina."
    "you know i'll try." says Mina 

                              The Gipsy 

Well the Gypsi 's father was dead. he was dead. She made a vow that everyone had to join her or die. She beckons her son to her but he hesitates. he finally goes to her and everyone starts to laugh. a boy speaks up and although they had lost their dear friend Tux Gussy and others they didn't die with them. thats when the fighting began. He wasn't dead The Gypsi Tina's father was not dead after all
    the Master had not won. He had vowed to kill tina's father but he had not succeeded. Magical wands hurled lightening at the Master as him and his gang fled from the Gipsy and her followers.
they were safe for now but he would be back. Life was a burden although their marraiges were stable 
they would have to rebuild what they had lost and the help they needed had to come quickly. 


The Golden Tuggle

Look look the right way Ms Quinn I opened the doors to mgm." Says bubbles

"Berry says the faithful will disappear where the grass disappears  so I guess I'll try dawan's brickwall for another attempt at the ascension." Says Tuggles

"Really?"Says Muggles

"Yeah really!"Says Bubbles

"Christina asked everyone if they had met bubble tuggle. She said bubble Tuggle just returned from the Golden City with a Billion dollar flight. She said bubble tuggle really knows how to open magical metaphysic doors with her magical golden amethyst key." Says Tuggles

"Really? Beth?" Says Muggles

Look really she used her friend shayna's name to do it but she added berrytime as well? " says Bubbles

Really? Metaphysics, Msa, Magical Doors as well? ""Says tuggles

"Look look look. The right way she even owns the mgm." Says muggles

"I want to find my magical metaphysic doors with bubbles " says tuggles

"You will. You just have to believe from the fire water air and earth. Walk straigh tinto the magical door at dawan's and multiply into twins." Says bubbles

"Look the right way Really?" Says muggles

"Yeah Look really Matts tutorial said you know how to do this"says tuggles

" don' t know what you are talking about. Dorsey Just wanted to
Find the magical Doors with my Amethyst14 and Angelite14 so I could get my royalties" bubbles

"Geico14 said all you have to do is say you want to be there." Says tuggles

"Look The right way I know geico He'll help" says bubbles

"I do know gieco." Says muggles

"Look the right way really!" Says tuggles

"Beautiful and rich as well." Bubbles

"Look Look the right way. Relax. Use the online fear therapy you found" says Tuggles

"Online fear therapy? Really?" SaysMuggles

"It's the right way. I put my feet in the magical sand, I turned left I turned right. I bent down and found a magical golden skeleton key. So I waked all the way down the ocean shore until I found a magical palace on the shore. Look read this Once I opened the door to the magical palace I placed my worst fears into a magical golden box."says Bubbles

"Oh tell me? Did you place those old witches into the magical golden box?" says Muggles

"I'll tell you times a trillion. Duh. I placed the white house the redrum murders the cult of art screams and the world series matyrs rightinto the box and when I opened my eyes I was right mr dorsey's Tutors arms." Bubbles

"Tell me more? I want the whole story." Says Tuggles

"I magically appeared to his Griffnlvn palace with a megan megatron pass. Duh." Says Bubbles

"Yeah really duh." Says Tuggles

"I know Duh." Says Bubbles

"Tell me something that works this time. I'm scared and we could be scared together but look really I'd rather avoid those deadly copperhead snakes bunny." Says Tuggles

"Well I don't know about you Bubbles but everyone else is using muggles." Says Bubbles

" Look Haley Muggles"? Says Tuggles

"Nobody can use those they will sue you for witchcraft and we are angles from the Golden city." Says Bubbles

" Tell me. You know. Duh Bubbles really." Says Tuggles

"WelI when the arch angels arrived bearing the greatest gift off all time, it was stolen. So they burnt down as many city's as they could destroying every thief on the muggle." Says Tuggles

"Really? I believe you." Says Bubbles

"Amin" Says Tuggles

" they claimed they didn't know the archangels with st john were real angels" Says Muggles

" they even said those blood sucking pagan gauls from france were better than the queen of he angels." Says Bubbles

"Hay I heard you weren't supposed to use hussy's muggles"says Muggles with the magical metaphysical arch angels

"Owell tuggles muggles is here now!" Says Tuggles

" I suppose they want tosteal Dr bakiss Tulley and Sulleyas well? Says Bubbles

"We should change our names to Gwynn Shayna for the ascnsion?" Says Muggles

"Oh Muggles Look! You are Brilliant. " Says Bubbles

" ewe Muggles if you are going to help You have to give me another ninety award winning Body Count Bunny's from Gwynn shayna"  says Tuggles

" I know Richly, exactly, righteously how! Luckily
Chief Tugles The immortals taught me how to do it for Years." Says Muggles

" One you pick up your books and tell everybody to look and read. Two you write down everything you remember and everything you see. Three You Make stars in the skywith Gwynn Rapha And Gwynn Shayna To write with Faith Hour upon Hour."  Says Tuggles

"Well I know all about the body count rising." Says Bubbles

"Look! Everybody has the right way to fame and fortune. So just relax." Says Tuggles

"Now Look Berry doodles. You were A shoe in Last year with nineteen songs A day.  You have a thousand Gwynn raphael ascensions on the Way For sure lucky elephant." Says Muggles

"Really" Says Tuggles

" k Sarah, Sarah." Says Muggles

"Well hay I want to find the magical doors now muggles. It's safer there and nobody yells at me either." Says Bubbles

"I tried to tell you every super hero in the world tried to meet you for the ascension" Says Tuggles

"Look! If you want we can pretend we were invited to every wedding in the world." Says Muggles

"Really? Look I know How to Pass every Test in the world. I know exactly how to do that." Says Bubbles

"First You raise body count again munjies. Then you say I love you Dr Murdoc. Then you whisper to your magical metaphysics mommie and quote "we passed with four rich and fabulous wedding shower invitations a month." She says "really?" You say "really"! Says Tuggles

"Really?" Says Muggles

"On the Queen's MTA honor." Whispers Bubbles

"You should try giving Jasmyn and Hayley a baby shower for their little archangels" Whispers Tuggles.

"Well I knew they were going to make some metaphysics babies with the Metaphysics Wonders  at the one the only Gwynn Rapha . " Says Muggles

"They tried uriel, rapheal, gabriel, and micheal with Gwynn Shayna but when all eyes were on Johnny he flew straiaight into the air from the fire water air and earth." Says Bubbles

"Tell me how he got into the air" says Tuggles to Bubbles

" well with a scientific Method only God knows." Says Muggles

"Duh . It'zzzzzzzz a mystery." Says Bubbles "yeah duh. Its's a Tuggle mystery."

"A Tuggle mystery." Says Tuggle

"A Tuggle mystery." Says Muggle

"Tell me about Tulley, Tell me About Dr Bakiss. Tell me about Swinging the Wedding?" Says Bubbles

"I know exactly what to tell you. Look.  Start with a cheer. Shake it off . Turn left turn right. Go over and under above and below sit down and watch the Show." Says Tuggles

"Look Really Haley?" Says Muggles

"Duh. Duh. Duh. Look really." Says Bubbles

"Hay I heard Jasmyn and Haley broughtz Johnny bakzc to life with berry time and Gwynn Shayna on the student council trip to japan invite." Says Tuggles

"Well yeah when. The archangels missed their thriller dance by Micheal Jackson She made sure everyone appeared in Japan to abolish slavery for the Governor." Says Muggles

"Yeah and it only works with The Jade stone." Says Bubbles

"I know exactly what I'm talking about! If any one dies just stick them in japan and they'll come back to life." Says Tuggles

"Woah that's the Zenith of Jesus. Look at those beautiful teeth." Says Bubbles

"Tell me I'm beautiful" Says Muggles

"So beautiful and immortal too." says Tu

"Like the Ocean at dawn when the heavens open their Golden Door." Says Bubbles

"I Know we can try pouring garlic on those french gauls. That would shut old camille up. Then she couldn't hurt anybody." Says Tuggles

Well athough mina was still working on the Golden tuggle after her transformation she began to adopt David cohen's writing style. so she began

                   Mina's Vampire Journal
The victims, the red dresses, parties the woods semantic mapping journal writing and more had been happening around here. We had visitors who craved blood more than ourselves and such went the killing spree. The Night rose with such a blue moon but none was the sight of our dearest shayna at David' cohen's ball. My uncle David Cohen invited Rober M Place of the occult but he kindly refused. 
    He was busy working on his own illustrations. What should i say? Forgiveness is less than acceptable. Stolen mansions, beautiful young women dead everywhere. I just want to tell you the story. 
                         Vampire Future
Lost souls, ramadan, the count, never aging never growing old, primitive kisses, vampire music, coming out party, acceptable compainaions gave Shayna her very own compainion named Barry Barry terrintino. A man of wealth and power watching out of the  beautiful mansion window. the crescent moon hung low on the mountains gave the inspiration to play cards. What do we need to know about the future of vampires. there were so many deaths.
    Shayna rose her hands high into the night trying to shake off the delusions. KOC and mina held close to one another unsure of the future but Barry new what would come he saw young women drinking blood from    Powerful strength added to KOC and Mina but magical powers with unlimitless magic added to shayna.
    Mina Sat holding her journal.  Why had they been made vampires why couldn't the body count of verses be added quicker. 

                          Vampire Drill

Coffins killing living forever, shayna magical power, the helaings the piano the music the gargoyles the rods the women young kissable mouths the red roses the gifts the time magic, magical power the mud the past present future Cool air the computer, the images of death. life and death time to kill famous authors the stakes a higher education the timing time to hunt. write everything you know about vampires. give me a thousand words give me shaynas magical powers give me immortality barry and shaynas wedding.

                           Vampires explained

    blue tiel haedcarvings covered a white face with an opened mouth exposing vampire fanges. A man seeking refugepeers through the forest trying to avoid conflict. his transportation by land would be on foot. it was going to be scary there were coyotes and wolves in the woods.

                     David's Query to Shayna

Well hay sun moon and stars I was just looking for someone to take care of our twins. We have been trying to find the right super hero all year but they must have been very busy because our Rider Waite wasn't Cared for. Well not until I found out JBQLaw left me everything from the sun moon and stars to the fire water air and earth. So Look just try my Hookma's and read my book they will help you find your way.Q MTA & Berry Time

                                 Bill's Script
"Look Look. Gwynn Shayna How did you know it was me" Says cappy

"I'm psychic Silly but I'm to weak and helpless you have to open the bank accounts for me." Says Gwynn Shayna

"Look Look Look wacth this. You have to have haley in just the rigjt place. Tada everything turned Yellow. Red ruby Duh." Says Cappy

"Tell me. Tell me. Tell Me I get my zum zum. Fireball fireball fireball. Tell me I get ninety billion. Tell me I get anything I ask for." Says Gwynn Shayna

"Okay Okay. You get the MGM. And the ride. i Knew it he could see me in his crystal ball." Says Cappy

"Tell me haley got another  twenty billion dollars!" Gwynn Shayna

"Hail mary Full of grace the lord is With the blessed Art thou among women and blessed is the Fruit of thy Womb jesus " says Cappy

"She got the twenty billion with all the gold and diomnds money can buy. Me too." Gwynn Shayna

"I love you sunshine. " Cappy

I love you

I miss you

Please don't leave me

I can't live without you

You and me

We have Sweet dreams

We want you to have sweet dreams too

We heal with angelite amethyst and jade

We want you to heal with angelite amethyst and jade too

The Dream of Zachariah
An Encanto for Angelite

Well hay Shooting Stars and Rose Petals we'd love to have glorious bright dream work with angelited. we have been studying Metaphysics, Hebrew Arabic and listening to the bulgarian Choir Sing Gospodi the translation of Angelite but we don't know how we will dream again. Well hay Shooting Stars and Rose Petals if you want to have glorious bright dreams just hold onto your angelite stone to Induce Dreams

We have Dreams 

and We have the Glorious Light Of god

We are going to have many more Dreams

and Many glorious lights of god

We want you to have dreams

and the glorious light of god as well

We are forever rich young and powerful

The Power of Zachariah Sharif
an Encanto for Royalties


Well Hay Kings and Queens we'd love to have Royalties. We have been Marketing, Painting Writing and Playing cards but we haven't recieved our royalties or beloved 1001 nights of Marital Bliss. well hay kings and queens if you want

We call the wind and shake the earth

we call the rain and throw lightening bolts

We increase the fires and make buildings explode

we are going to Guinn Shay n Qadir to make the earth quake

We are going to call on thunderstorms and trigger tsunamis

We are going to have the greatest richest power in all of the world

and we want you to have it too. META


Well hay Meta Queen we want to command Rapeal to increase the sunshine, raise spirituality to a higher level, change the energy in order to change the mass for dissapearances and activate the 12 chakras for a complete healing. We have been praying with Dawin
since our first meet and we love healing with them

We are going to meet again and again

you are going to hand Me the Ace of Cups

We will command rapheal to raise us higher

you will get well and race me to Win

We are going to command rapheal to change the energy

you will hand me a change of energy to change the mass

We will dissapear from here and Appear there with no Fear


KEY for the QUEEN

Well hay we'd love to have a key for the Queen and a pink room with Rapeal as she changes the energy in order to change the mass. we have been traveling to the local library but we want the formulas for lightening speed travels around the world. Well hay If you want a key for the queen and a pink room as Rapeal changes the energy in order to change the mass then just Aim and shoot Angelo on fire, dissapear from there and appear everywhere.

Cult Art Merci
for Steve Wynn

We are the king of pentacles

our summons has been fullfilled

We travel with the Meta Queen and her key

We have luxury, riches,  gold, time and money

We are the king of pentacles and we do everything well

Micheal Bill Lucky
Merci Gwynefer
by J K Cowan
for Steve Wynn

Increase the Golden liquid Light

Increase the Golden liquid Light

Increase the Golden liquid Light

Lily C. Abduct-us
Well hay we'd love no fear travels tonight and a midnight ride out of here. we increased the golden liquid light and Tada we were well but there is the psychological department children beware. you have to pay for freedom quinn emanuel and quin haley. there has to be Money, diamonds and crystals here there and everywhere. We have to change the Energy upon first meeting with a mini snickers munchies or two, in order to change the mass and house a bunny.  The diamonds landed in the very next room after we changed the formulas to kabala from mary moo moo. Well hay Lily my Meta House Queen if you want to have some no fear travels and a midnight ride out of here just perform your ascension and at the waldorf is where you will appear so just  disappear.

Lily C. Abductus

Fear therapy by anonymous

Pretend your feet are inthe sand and you are looking to the ocean. you find a skeleton key.
bend down and pick it up. turn left and you will
find a beach house. open the door to the beach house with the skeleton key you found. inside the beach house you will find a white box. place your worst fear into the beach house. place public speaking, lectures, hymms, the white house, joelolsteen, david cowan the world seires, the queens and the ducks, grandma cowans jump jump jump, the world series and metaphysics into the box. close the lid to the box and exit the beach house. your fear is over and remember you can return to the beach house any time you want.

The Meta Queen
Skeleton Key 
by J K Cowan

Well hay House we'd love to pass the  Test with a Skeleton Key for the Queen. we have bent down just as the fear therapy says and opened the door to the house as well. We asked to our META QUEEN Rapheal to change the energy and increased the liquid golden light but she didn't appear at all not even with a screaming fright. Well hay if you want to turn left and then turn right with a skeleton key for the queen you will dissapear from here and appear everywhere you will appear appear appear tonight.

I love you Queen of Liquid golden Light to me you will be with your skeleton key and you will appear to me tonight

I miss you Queen of Liquid golden Light to me you will be with your skeleton key and you will appear to me tonight

Please don't leave me Queen of Liquid Golden Light to me you will be with your skeleton key and you will appear to me tonight

Queen of Liquid Golden Light to me you will be and you will appear to me tonight

I can't live with out you  My queen of Golden liquid light to me you will be with a skeleton key and you will appear to me tonight

You and meQueen of golden liquid light to me you will be with a skeleton key and to me you will appear tonight

We will dissapear with a Skeleton key to the house of the Queen of Rapheal

and of Rapheals Queen will change the energy with the skeleton Key for the Queen

for the skeleton Key  in order to change the mass and increase the golden liquid light

Increase the Golden liquid light and appear with your skeleton Key just right

Increase the Golden Liquid Light and appear with your skeleton Key tonight

Queen Increase the Golden Liquid Light and appear with your skeleton Key with a Scream of Gunshot Angelo Fright

We will increase the Magic

We will increase the Magic

We will increase the Magic

Appear Appear Appear to me tonight
Appear Appear Appear to me
my beloved appear to me
come to me come come to me 
Andy Cohen come to me tonight

Well hay Dreamers and Moongazers We'd love some spiritual mental and physical healing with the Rapheal and Micheal Tarot decks. We have tried traveling to the holy land and we healed cancer but we are having troubles healing ourselves. We are trying the Invocation to the Angels Hebrew Protective Prayer, the Holy Rosary and  Metaphysics.  We aim for success but we want everyone to Feel good while we suceed. Well hay men and women of cloth if you'd love some spiritual mental and physical healings Jesus is the way the love and the life.

We wake up for morning prayer at 5:00 am
and we wanty you to wake up for morning prayer
as well.

J K Cowan


Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with the blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus

Holy Mary mother of god pray for us now and inthe hour of our death amin

Hail Mary full of grace the lord is with the blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus

holy mary mother of god pray for us now and in the hour of our death amin

Hail mary full of grace the lord is with the blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus

Holy mary mother of god pray for us now and in the hour of our death amin

Hail mary Full of grace the lord is with the blessed artthou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb jesus

   Well hay OrthoWin the last time i sat down to my journal i was surrounded by red loans and a powerful genie. My mental health was so stable cans were flying across the room and hitting the wall. I remember one night the electronics busted into little pieces. I said to my self just get the money or something. my aim must have been very good because the publisher emailed me and said my submissions were ready! what am I supposed to say? Who am I supposed to talk with. The richest men in the world? I don't know what to tell you just throw your shoes at the wall then duck and cover because you are in a little bit of trouble?
    I don't want any trouble my friends. I don't want any trouble at all. My friends are in the next room calling it quits to  their celibate challenges and you can hear them moaning to the tunes of reiki? who does that? who has rieki sexual practices with hundreds of millions of dollars to spend? I'd love to have perfect sexual health practices everday for a thousand nights with the right man!  Who practices good sexual behavior now days? I know the jewish make love four and five times a day but what are you supposed to do mary the cousin you never wanted in the first place? Get online and stalk your publisher send him healing stones everyday along with your award winning messages? No. i don't think so but don't worry i kicked their asses with seventy eight tarot deck messages and as many silly paintings as i could find the health to paint. Who are you? who do you think you are? i'm princess Jasmyn and i was kidnapped in 1986 from the cohens and sharif. are you coming over?  are you going to follow me?
     yes ! you are going to follow me and you are going to have success! You are going to folllow me and make life worth living because you love me and I love you. although you may want to jump up and kiss me right now  but i am kicking some ass in the holy land and i'm working with micheal on paint right now so save a thousand kisses for me. i'll meet you in georgia at the inaguaration and fullfill my exotic fantasies there! Really? Really. Well no maybe not maybe i'll just wait until someone offers to take me to heaven with them or Ausitn.

Gees ocean doodles I really don't know what to say. Maybe if I had a friend to talk with online I could manage some better equipped story telling chapters and verses. I'm thinking about joining a league of vampires with cowan's award winning honor students or better yet write in some make believe magical kingdoms with the masters of Metaphysics?. I don't know what to say really. celibacy is forbidden and leaving me here is a real shame. they are going to regret that for a very long time. well any way i don't know what to tell you  but if you are interested try this writing drill after a short prayerand remember to blow me some kisses. write down as many things as you can remember and add them to a semantic map. although I'm going to start with the love of god you can start with anything you can remember!

      we are burning candles for romance and we want you to burn candles for romance too. our husbands are securely positioned as the president of their bank and we want your husbands to be securely positioned too. we are going to get some sun in the summer time our mothers are going to get some sun and our friends are traveling to Tahiti but we want you to travel to Tahiti too.. the lamps are shining bright and my son is pretending he is an elephant. Meow Mommy mew he says "I'm a cat and i want you to be a cat too! he is so cute but he's a biter he bit his twin brother right on the nose." i thought if i asked Jesus at the holy sepulchre for perfect little angels they'd be kept free from the stain of sin. i picked them up and held them in the air one at a time. Silly little munchkins i said and i stuck my head in each of their bellies. the bells are ringing and the church bells sound heavenly.
    The church is really impressed with Angelite but they have to increase body count healing with each of the stones given to them. I searched for hours and found no hymen about jade, tigers eye, rubies, rose quartz or any other healing stones our professor said we had to practice healing with. when do we graduate? when we add all the stones to our church hymen list. No. No I'm sorry I didn't mean that. I don't know what to say Mr A.C. I just think if they added all the stones to their list of church hymms we'd all feel a little better.
        the Kill it jade stone was taken to far and some commies added schwatzicas to their lists of jade carvings. ohhhhhh. no. no no. we don't do that. what the hell were they thinking. Thats really scary. who does that? i don't know what to tell you. i don't think i can get the protection and money  in time to resolve those conflicts.  i don't think i can get theprotection and money in time for my safety and inaguration. as an elcted official i'd really love to have my house in order excluding any nasty kills i didn't want in the first place. i'm so sorry andy you find me terribly beautiful but no more farting in my face with the Meta formulas for healing. Try spritzing evian and whitelight in my face if you want to jump in my lap the most you could do is smell good. tyra would approve. She'd say there is less funk that way.  Well hay i don't know what you'd tell me right now but i think i'll hurtle a tsunami and tornado if i miss out on the stellar time in austin. Now thats the way to kill it. throw a tornado across the state strike up the band and do it again! Ha ha I win! do it Agian! Do it again. Do it again. I want to do it!
     I love you sunshine! I love you like the moon loves the stars and the stars love the moon. I love you when the burning fires are sparkeling and the ocean sail boats are swiftly cruising along the waves. Poopy. we are all jewish i saw your videos. Just put the family jewels back where they belong and increase money for the bar meetz fa and bats meetzfa. for healthier skin and genitals apply israels Kids to your list of daily smantic mapping. we don't steal and we don't want you to steal either. We design each hour and day with beautiful prayers and quacky quotes from Andy Cohen Trillionaire. I love you A.C. if you want to raise body count qu'ran comprehension from 200 to 500 words per minute just walk backwards from the restruant to the bookshelf in your office. practicing for the mcguinness book of world records fastest comprehension test in the world. replace each word with A E I  O U. Spin around in a silly circle and say TElla Tella Tella three times. Say talack r rahman r raheem three times. oh button doodles. What do I need to tell you someone is decreasing your tachion levels and you need a pocket ful of sunshine to keep your heart from growing cold! Farewell